Application of Total quality management in Food industry

Challenges in Food industry: 

Food industry faces many challenges like waste management, attention to the environment, and respect for hygiene standards. TQM helps the company face these challenges.

Pick Meat, Hungary, respect hygiene standards:

Pick Meat, a Hungarian meat processing company,  is using Total quality management tools. A team is responsible for applying Total quality management practices in all company departments, production, sales, marketing, Finance, IT and human resources.

The company implemented a system to collect feedback and comments from customers and stakeholders. Pick Meat uses surveys, pools, interviews to understand their perception. The company builds on these comments to find areas of improvement. It uses Plan, Do, Check, Act Deming cycle to implement improvements. The company manages better waste, gives much attention to the environment, and applies hygiènes standards. Now the company witnesses better performance, a fast expansion through acquisitions, and opening of company representation in different other countries like Japan and US.

Now, the company gives a lot of attention to its employees by improving the working environment. Employees are more committed to all levels of production. This helped a lot the company to comply with European hygiène and food safety requirements.

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