Total quality management in Siemens electronics

Applying Deming philosophy in Siemens electronics. Using Deming philosophy, the managers have been able to reduce internal competition, they created cross incentives, so the sales team works together to achieve common goals. All sales teams received financial training to have a clear overview of the impact of their work on the business. Employees are now taking part in setting goals and elaborate together with the management the forecasts for future results. Employee participation in planning goals has a fruitful impact and makes them a lot more motivated.

The company organizes periodic workshops where a quality circle composed of product managers, general managers, controllers, sales take part in it. The employees together with managers are applying the PDCA cycle. They noticed a lot more engagement of employees.

The company by applying Deming philosophy was able to be competitive and to stay in business,

Managers of the company created the environment for employees to come up with ideas and fix problems. Siemens added Deming methodology to the annual performance overview and financial metrics. Thanks to the Deming method, employees are more engaged and managers have to provide them with the environment to evaluate their performance.

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