Total quality management in the USA

Due to the success of Total quality management, many USA companies like Ford, Xerox, and Caterpillar saw an improvement in their performance thanks to the implementation of TQM. Total quality management practices in the US have been discussed in different studies, (Adam et al. (2001), Han et al. (2007), Sriparavastu and Gupta (1997), Dayton (2010)). In this section, we discussed the TQM practices in the USA.

Adam et al. (2001) found that quality improvement approaches are related to financial performance in American companies. Specifically, their research suggests that employee involvement leads to improved quality.

On the other hand, Han et al. (2007) study found no relationship between TQM and business performance. However, they found a strong relationship between TQM and organizational competitiveness in the sample of 400 US companies investigated.

Additionally, Sriparavastu and Gupta (1997) studied a sample of 600 US firms. Their findings provide guidelines for a successful implementation of TQM in US firms and reveal that the implementation of TQM strategies contributes to increased productivity, employee involvement, management commitment, enhancement in quality, and reduction in costs.

Furthermore, Dayton (2010) conducted a study on a sample of 1000 members of the American society of quality in order to assess the key factors of successful implementation of TQM in the USA. Their findings reveal that management commitment is the most important factor.

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