Terms of use

agile-tqm.com, an online service for managing various aspects of a business. These terms determine the rights and obligations of the user and are maintained as a service provider.

agile-tqm.com will assume that the user of the Service has read and accepted the Terms of Use of any user, in addition, agile-tqm.com reserves the right to update and modify the Terms of Use without prior notice, these are always available at the web address www. agile-tqm.com.

This Agreement will be valid from the date you check the Agreement Recognition Box that appears at the bottom of this document. New features may be added to the Services subject to the Terms of Use. If a user continues to use the Service after making any changes, it will mean their agreement with the changes mentioned. The most recent version of the Terms of Use can always be consulted at agile-tqm.com.

Failure to comply with the Terms of Use may result in the cancellation of your account.

1. Terms of account

To access the service, you must be over 16 years of age (16).

A complete legal name, email address, and all the information required by agile-tqm.com must be provided in the account creation process.

It is the user’s responsibility to provide accurate information, and agile-tqm.com reserves the right to delete any account if its authenticity is in doubt or agile-tqm.com may violate any terms of use.

Agile-tqm.com will not be liable for any loss or damage that may result from user error while securing your login information.

The parties agree to legally create the client’s handwritten signature by identifying any other type of key, code or security element. Notwithstanding the above, the service provider may, if it deems it necessary, demands a written confirmation from the client.

2. Type of contract

Assigning an agile-tqm.com payment plan begins when the user enters the card details and makes the first payment. Under no circumstances will payment or refund be made. Each tariff limit is specified in the price section of holded.com/pricing. If the user exceeds their rate limit, they will have to increase their rate.

Agile-tqm.com reserves the right to change the rate unilaterally and at any time without changing any right of compensation from the users.

3. Payment and access

To make a payment, a valid bank card needs to be presented. No need to create or use a free account. Agile-tqm.com will periodically pay you a recurring fee depending on the type of account you have contracted with.

The service is charged in advance for each period and is non-refundable. There will be no refunds or credits for a partial month of service, or no refunds if the user does not use the service while the account is open.
The client acknowledges that there will be no need to confirm the acceptability of the contract when it is completed via electronic communication.

In the event that users charge an account level for the amount of their document, their card will not be charged a new amount until the next billing date. From now on, the next billing will be charged for the new amount on your card, unless the account is canceled.

In case of non-payment or refund, you will be notified of the violation and you will automatically lose the ability to access the service. Data will be deleted within thirty () 0) days from the date of violation.

Any fees include taxes or duties required by your government authority. The user is responsible for paying this tax or obligation. The user decides that the right to access his account is his role which he deems appropriate.

4. Changes to services and plans

The agile-tqm.com reserves the right to change or suspend the Service at any time and for any reason, with or without prior notice, if deemed appropriate. The right to change the monthly fee is reserved with 15 days’ notice. Fee change notifications will be posted on the agile-tqm.com website and in writing.

5. Cancellation and termination

The user is responsible for properly canceling his account. Once your account is canceled, all your content will be deleted after 30 (30) days. Users can cancel their account at any time but will be liable for the full charge up to that month, including the full monthly charge for the month in which the service was suspended. After that, you will not be charged. Those who do not comply with these Terms reserve the right to cancel an account or block the use of the Software.

6. Copyright and intellectual property

agile-tqm.com owns all intellectual property rights of the service and is not limited to any elements of the service that may be protected, including their names, graphic elements, all software related to the service, and elements of the user interface. The User agrees not to copy, adapt, reproduce, distribute, reverse engineer, isolate, or disguise any aspect of the Services that it owns. Users agree to use or accept robots, spiders, other automated devices, or manual processes and may not control or copy any content of the Service. The user will not claim the intellectual property rights of the content uploaded or provided by the service. However, by using the Service to submit content, the user agrees that third parties may view and share this content submitted by the user.

General condition

Users are fully responsible for accessing and proper use of agile-tqm.com under current law, national or international, as well as good faith, ethics, good customs, and public discipline principles. And in particular, it achieves the commitment to persevere in these general terms of use.
User agile-tqm.com agrees not to resell, copy, reproduce or exploit any part of the Service without express written consent. The user may not use the service to save, host or send harmful or unsolicited emails (spam).
Users understand that the Service can be used to send their content and that during this process, their content, including invoices, payment notifications, and private messages, can be transferred to the Internet without encryption. Users may not use it to transmit any viruses, worms, or any kind of malicious or harmful content.
agile-tqm.com does not guarantee your ability to use the Service, your satisfaction with the Service, without the Service, and without error, for the accuracy and precision of the arithmetic calculations conducted by the Service.

Any questions regarding the Terms of Use should be directed to agile-tqm.com Technical Support: agile-tqm.com

The Terms of Use establish a full understanding of the Service between the User and agile-tqm.com and prevail over any prior agreement reached between the User and agile-tqm.com. Terms, and under these conditions your relationship with agile-tqm.com will be governed by Spanish law. User and Hold agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Barcelona to resolve any legal questions relating to the Terms.

8. Security and privacy

agile-tqm.com SL is duly registered with the Spanish Data Protection Agency, thus complying with current rules on the protection of privacy and confidential information.

The data that users enter agile-tqm.com is hosted on Google servers in the European Union, thus ensuring both the rules of data hosting and the highest level of security and accessibility on the market. agile-tqm.com SL and its employees to improve the service for accessing account data as well as to offer a better support service. All agile-tqm.com employees and partners have signed a privacy agreement in compliance with the privacy rules, including GDPR.

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