Denso, Japan, exhibition and quality best practices

  • Customer satisfaction: Sales and technology departments collect data from customers with the aim to continuously improve customer satisfaction in terms of price, quality, and delivery.
  • Quality first principle: the company implements the quality first principle at all levels of production with a full commitment of all employees.
  • Worldwide technical centres: The company implemented technical centres in Japan, Europe, China, Brazil, India for product development, quality testing, and quality evaluation. The company aims through this structure to carry testing, quality evaluation and product development in accordance with each region’s specifications.
  • Human resource development: E-learning, training, Technical skills tests are accessible for employees to improve their skills.
  • Exhibitions: Quality improvement exhibition, customer success exhibition where group of companies and affiliates could participate and share their best practices.
  • Quality Circle: is a group of employees (6 to 12) that meet voluntarily to brainstorm ideas related to quality and performance. In Denso Group domestic and overseas group companies and suppliers share the results of their quality circle activities. The aim is to share information and knowledge.
  • Total quality management Competition: group companies, and affiliated companies can take part to share best practices and latest innovations in total quality management.

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