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Logical reasoning questions for consultant job interview-Sample 2

To pass to the second step of a job interview, you need to pass logical reasoning test. the most important way to prepare or this test is to practice. Practice multiple different sequences in a range of shapes numbers and patterns that also can provide with the answer.

Question 1: it will identify how you will solve patterns and rules through shapes

what comes next in the sequence?

The question requires you to find the next pattern in the sequence.

Answer is option D.


Question 2: Which number comes next in the sequence

50, 49, 47,  , 40, 35, 29.

The correct answer is 44.

Question 3: 


Rule 1: arrow moves 90 degrees clockwise

Rule 2: the shapes follows the pattern triangle, circle, square.

Rule 3: line in the center follows the pattern horizontal, then vertical, then horizontal.


Question 4


Rule 1: the circles moves one step clockwise across the sequence

Rule 2: the triangle moves diagonally as you move across the sequence

Rule: the square moves one step anti-clockwise across the sequence

Correct answer B

Question 5

Rule 1:the triangle moves from the bottom to the top right-hand column one box at a time, and when it reaches the top, it starts from the bottom again.

Rule 2: the circle moves from left to right, then moves down a row and continues

Rule 3: the square moves diagonally downwards from left to right and then moves to the top of the diagonal below.

Correct answer is B.

Question 6

Rule 1 = the arrow alternates from pointing downwards to upwards across the sequence

Rule 2= the rule for the dots is minus 2 white dots, plus one black do, and repeat.

B is the correct answer.

Question 7

Rule 1= each black dot equals a 90 degree clockwise move of the triangle.

Rule 2= the pattern change for the dots as you move from left to right is repeated at the end of the sequence, so whilst the top stays static, the middle two dots will repeat the pattern as in the original sequence.

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