How to create and manage calendar in Teamleader CRM

Teamleader CRM offers multiple users the option to create a meeting, add a task, and a scheduled call. Teamleader calendar also allows you to see what other team members are doing so you can better schedule meetings according to their availability.  This helps employees manage their workflow and better organize different tasks.

1-Teamleader Calender display mode:

You can display the calendar in different modes whether in day, week, or month.

Step 1 Select then the hour when you will have a meeting, task, or call.

Calendar Teamleader CRM

Step 2 Choose add a meeting

Here you need to specify different fields, like for example a title, customer name, the project name, the duration, etc…


add meeting CRM Teamleader

2- Mange meeting info page

Once you create the meeting, you can manage the meeting info update it, etc.

Step 1 Add meeting work order

add work order crm

Step 2 invite people to meeting

add contact

Step 3 send invitation email or SMS

3- Keep an eye on different updates and changes to the meeting

You can follow any changes in the activities section. Also, you can track emails which is a great feature offered by Teamleader CRM.


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