How to manage you clients and leads on Teamleader CRM

Teamleader CRM offers the option for users to create and manage a list of potential leads and current clients. The CRM offers you the option to add manually users or import an existing one, this avoids a lot of workload and makes it smoother.

1- Add a company to your list Manually


Step 1 Click on add company

add a company

Step 2  fill in all the required information

Step 3 update all the information

Here you can update all the information. For example, if you had a meeting you can add a note in the background information. Also, you update the contact list with any new contact in the company that you have been in touch with.

2- Use an import list instead

Step 1 Click on import visa file or copy/paste

Teamleader offers you to import an existing list.

import list CRM

Step 2 import your list respecting the pattern

import pattern teamleader CRM

Step 3 Create the list I want to import

Step 4  Match your fields to the belonging category

CRM table

Step 5  click on do import your list is created

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