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Job Interview questions for consultants logical reasoning questions-sample 1

Logical reasoning questions are very important to pass the job interview. Many people struggle fo find answers to logical reasoning questions. However, it becomes easier when you understand the logic behind each question. It will be easier also if you practice more before interview.

What is the best approach:

-Search for different examples of logical reasoning on the internet,

-Solve yourself these questions,

-Compare your answers to the solution if available and repeat.

In this post, we offer the most common questions.

1-Solution for question 1: as you can see to answer correctly the shapes should follow the same pattern. You should look at the shape and direction of the shape.

2-Solution for question 2: to answer correctly you should look at the shape, size, and order of the shapes.

3-Solution for question three: to answer correctly you should look at the shape, the position, and the order.

4- Solution for question four: to answer correctly, you have to choose the correct shape, and the correct position following the pattern in the other boxes.

5-Solution for question five: to answer correctly this question, you can notice that the shapes in the first two boxes are combined in the third box.

6-Solution for question six: to answer correctly this question you follow how the shape is moving in the box.

7-Solution for question seven: This example is a bit tricky, the arrow is moving clockwise, one time 45 degrees and the next 180 degrees. The shapes are different from one box to the other.

8-Solution for question eight: the shapes are different from one box to the other, and their appearance follows a specific order. The number of dots is the sum of dots in the previous box. The dots are in minus if it is inside the box plus if outside the box.

9-Solution for question nine: look at how the shapes are moving, their position, and their colors.

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