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5 things you can do using Confluence an atlassian product.

Confluence helps you to keep your business and team organized. In this article, I will cite the features that this product can offer you.

Atlassian made this product available for free. So take advantage and use this software to its full potential. Confluence is where your team can share knowledge and collaborate. Build, collaborate, and work from anywhere Now many teams work remotely.

Confluence helps teams to collaborate and work from anywhere.

Team members can access the confluence dashboard to brainstorm, interact on a topic, and share their knowledge with their team members.

Confluence keeps everything in one place

Whether project-related notes, company policies, or meeting notes, team members can access it easily and they have a clear overview of everything related to these topics.

Interact with your team members

You can leave a note or a comment for your team member and tag them on each page you created or that you have access to on Confluence. This keeps every team member up to date. Allow other team members co-edit a page. Team members on confluence can contribute to the same page at the same time. This make collaboration easier and faster.

Making decisions is easy

Team members will have a clear overview of the status of each note or project. Sending feedback and suggestions or adjustments is fast allowing teams to close tasks and projects faster.

Create interactive pages

You can create interactive pages on confluence You can create pages and spreadsheets on confluence but also add images, code, tables, timelines, etc.

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