Agile Team practices

Agile teams have different practices


-Face-to-face communication,


-Product turnaround,

-Simplicity, and

-Customer interaction.

*self-management refers to the ability of the team to make their own decisions about their work.

*Face-to-face communication is seen as the primary form of team communication and refers to the frequency and quality of face-to-face interactions among team members.

*Product turnaround refers to the frequency, consistency, and sustainability of the team’s delivery of outputs.

*Team reflexivity refers to the ability of the team to (regularly) reflect and learn from their previous experiences.

*Simplicity is defined as “the art of maximizing the amount of work not done”and
relates to only spending resources on tasks that have added value.

*Frequent and close collaboration with customers is advocated by the agile manifesto. It focuses on clarifying what the customer wants and needs, thereby enabling teams to spend their resources accordingly.

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