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How I can become successful, Rules you need to follow

Chasing success requires dedication and hard work, that is what we always hear. However, this requires looking for further details about this affirmation. In fact, sometimes, we work very hard and we don’t get what we want. Mainly this is due to the quality of our work, the way we work, or how our work is organized. That is what will discover in this article in Agile-TQM. 

Most successful People already know these rules and are applying them on a daily basis; However, these successful people never share these rules that they are following; it is not because they are selfish and they don’t want to see other people achieving the same success but mainly because they follow these rules without thinking about them. It means they are on auto-pilot mode when they apply these rules.

As I took a lot of time to figure out what is going wrong, whether in my career or at a personal level. I spent a lot of time figuring out what are the strategies that I have been using previously and that they actually worked. I find out that if I keep using these rules or strategies more often and if I set them on auto-pilot ad well I will become successful.

Rule 1: Sit and work on any task you planned previously

Sometimes, we think too much about how we will get work done, how to complete a task, however, this way of thinking increases levels of stress consumes a lot of energy, and hold us back from achieving what we already planned. Instead, we need to sit and use this effort in completing tasks instead.

Rule 2: Record all ideas that jump to your head, when working on planned tasks

What I highly suggest is to record any idea that jumps to your head while working on previously planned tasks. These are ideas are very useful and you can plan them in the near future or let me say as soon as possible because this kind of idea can be executed easily and this is mainly to the readiness of your mind to do them. This trick will help you to get a lot of work done.

Rule 3: Do tasks in a creative way

Do your planned tasks in a creative way, add your own touch, spend more time to make what you are doing a bit special. This rule helps you to get out of the crowd and to make your work shine. In fact, you can work less if your work is creative.

Rule 4: use your full potential

You should use all the skills you have, all the effort you can deploy to be able to achieve better results, or to results faster. Doing extra can be reading extra documentation for your future assignment. Using a new skill that you learned in your work, try to apply new methods in your work and so on; This rule as well make a special person and distinguish you from others.

Rule 5: Keep track of your successful strategies

When you start applying the previous rules you will learn in the way; Record strategies and techniques that you notice that worked better for you. this will help to achieve more in the future.






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