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How to install MySQL on windows

In this tutorial, I will explain the steps you need to follow to download MySQL on Windows. This tutorial is mainly intended for Business Analysts where they frequently MySQL.

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In order to install MySQL, you need to follow the following steps. first of all, go to

On the Downloads Page click on  MySQL Community (GPL) Downloads. and select MySQL installer for windows.

Choose the first installer and click on it.  then click on No thanks just start my download.

How to install MySQL on Windows

After executing the installation file select the option custom and click on next. Select after that the product you want to install.

You need to install the following product MySQL server, MySQL workbench, and MySQL shell. click on execute and once the files are ready click on install.

Click on next once the installation is finished and keep the default settings. set a password for your server.

Click on execute to finish installation.

Run the following command once the installation is finished.  run the following commands:

1)cd ‘ the root of MySQL server’

2)mysql -u root -p

3)press enter

You are ready to go.











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