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How to choose a Monitor for remote work

Having a monitor for remote work to use together with your work laptop is essential. It helps a lot if your work consists of a lot of visuals, files, and tables for example business analysts use a lot of Excel tables in their work. Most companies provide only a laptop for work with a small screen making it a bit difficult to use for eight hours per day. It is highly recommended to have a monitor with a widescreen together with your work laptop.

Before you buy a monitor for remote work bear in your mind multiple criteria that we will explain in detail in this article. We will provide as well a list of monitors to choose from. There are a lot of brands and characteristics making the choice a bit difficult.

You need to look into  the following criteria before deciding to buy a monitor for remote work :

1-The screen dimensions,


3-Display technology,

4-Display resolution,

5-Refresh rate,

6-Response time.

1-The screen dimension:

The best screen dimension for a monitor for work is 24 inches no less and no more. You can use your laptop screen together with the monitor and jump in from one page to another. Also with a monitor of 24 inches, you can divide the screen into two, allowing you to display two pages at the same time with a clear and wide view.

2-The connectivity: Most new computer provides HDMI port but not VGA. I would suggest a high-speed HDMI cable for better connectivity it doesn’t cost much but still present a great advantage.

Avoid monitors that support only VGA. They are mostly outdated.

3-Display technology:

When it comes to displaying technology LCD monitors for remote work are far much better than LED ones. they provide a better quality image in terms of brightness. They are also less eye tiring.

4-Display resolution:

1920 x 1080 resolution or Full HD 1080p is more than enough for purposes you can opt for a better display resolution but this will not affect your work.

5-Refresh rate

60HZ is the most common refresh rate the higher the refresh rate the better it is.  I would recommend a refresh of 75 HZ which is more than enough for similar work.

6-Response time

The lower the response rate the better it is. Starting from 5ms is good for work purposes, you can opt as well for 4ms.


Editor choice:

The screen dimensions: 24inches

Connectivity: High-speed HDMI

Display technology: LCD

Display resolution: Full HD 1080p 

Refresh rate: 75 HZ or more

Response time: 5ms or less

Monitor for work more ergonomic

Monitor for work should support a good sitting posture. The top of the monitor for remote work should be at the same eye level or slightly below. For that, you need to adjust the monitor to your arm’s length.


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