SQL commands that you should know before starting your business consultant job

Nowadays, companies stores huge amount of data. Employees should have a minimum knowledge of database management in order to process data. This become a requirement in business positions. In this article, I will show one of the most used database programming languages called SQL. I teach you the most used SQL commands.

I provide a full description of each function, then a detailed example to put into practice things you learned.

After this example you will be able to:

create tables, insert into it values, update a table, join two tables from a database, delete a

table which is the minimum requirement to be able to manage your data in a database.

-Create table, insert into values

-Join two tables, inner join

-Join two tables, left join

-Join two tables, right join

-Join two tables, full outer join

-Select with subquery

-Insert into with subquery.

-Delete statement

-Trigger update.

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